Psychological assessment

Comprehensive Psychological Assessments

Psychologists are uniquely qualified to conduct psychological tests that provide a greater understanding of certain problems. Psychological and neuropsychological tests are well researched and validated techniques that can assess a problem in ways that neither medical tests nor “talk therapy” can do.

Depending on the type of problem, individuals are sometimes referred for testing by their physician, school, employer, or the legal system. If the testing appears appropriate for you, you will meet with Dr. Oldenburg or Dr. Minerd for an initial interview to clearly identify the problem and its history so that suitable psychological tests can be chosen. After the testing is completed, a report summarizing the results of the testing will be available to you, and with your permission, to the person who referred you.

Psychological Testing Available Includes

  • Intellectual and academic testing
  • Vocational testing
  • Personality testing
  • Forensic and court-ordered evaluations
  • Presurgery psychological evaluations
  • Post injury psychological evaluations
  • Pre employment testing
  • Lethal Weapon Certification

To Make an Appointment for Psychological Testing

While most clients seeking our services do not require testing, we look forward to working with those who do. Please call 724-832-9096 and choose mailbox 42 to speak with Fran, our intake coordinator, who will make the appropriate arrangements for you.
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